Dark Flow is, in the simplest terms, a game from a forgotten genre of yesteryear; the shoot-em-up. For many, shoot-em-ups were a beloved tradition of gaming, dating back to the earliest gaming consoles and arcade machines. Games like Life Force, Thunder Force, and 1942 are among the most iconic examples of the genre. Despite it’s heritage, Dark Flow strives to be much more than just a simple arcade-style experience. It is an attempt to transcend the bounds of the genre in pursuit of a specific goal: the realization of a new kind of interactive cinematic gaming experience, one which combines the epic dog-fights of our favorite aeronautic and science fiction movies with the tightly scripted gameplay of the shoot-em-up.

Dark Flow will feature furious dogfighting, invoking X-wings and TIE Fighters, Tomcats and MIGs, Cylons and Vipers. Behind the interactive action, we will conjure scenes of chaos and destruction, the likes of battleships and aircraft carriers, Star Destroyers and Rebel frigates. The player will weave a path through these epic battles, engaging oncoming enemies and enhancing their arsenal through the aid of helpful wingmen. And from within these ships, a human drama of the pilots and officers that are at their yokes and helms will be told.

This is Dark Flow. A game, yes… but, more importantly: an interactive cinematic experience unlike any you have ever seen or played.

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