Jon Golden

BS Physics. Started game development as a hobby, founded Aureus Studios to publish several XBLIG titles. Extensive professional experience in the mobile (iOS/Android) game development industry at Backflip Studios, credited lead engineer for several multi-million user mobile titles. Founder and Lead Developer at Aureus Studios. Lover of shoot-em-ups.

Robinton Hobbs

Robinton studied audio engineering at Berklee College of Music. He has been writing and performing music his entire life. After several years of playing with and recording local bands in Denver, Colorado he decided to make the jump to Los Angeles to pursue a career in composing for media. Robinton has worked on a wide range of productions and scores for films, television and video games. He has a long association with the Dark Flow team and has provided music for a number of previous projects for Aureus Studios. When he is not writing music, Robinton has been known to dabble in language creation, sound design, medieval history and all things Dungeons & Dragons.

Alex Hinkle

BS Chemistry. Alex has been playing video games since Atari/NES/Genesis. He later joined the PC gaming craze, but is still an avid console gamer. By day, Alex manages a restaurant and two bars at an historical hotel in Durango, CO. He enjoys outdoor activities such as snowboarding and river sports–while still finding time to play video games with his wife. Alex has been a friend of Jon and Ben for about 25 years, having worked on multiple projects together in that time. He joined the team at Aureus Studios in 2017–focusing on content development for Dark Flow.

Ben Golden

BS Software Engineering. Avid Gamer since the NES on consoles and PC. Product Manager in SaaS internet services by day, web developer, content, and creative support for Aureus Studios by night. When not in front of a computer you’ll likely find Ben on a river. blog.